About Freight and Shipping
shipping with a commercial freight company ship vith our trucks
A load shipping via commercial truck freight. A load shipping via our fleet of delivery trucks.
We ship most smaller items freight free. It’s really not free, we add what we hope is enough to get it to you in the selling price. We might lose $10 on a Fed Ex shipment from Indiana to California and the Michigan, or Ohio customers might pay $5 more so no one suffers and it usually all averages out.

Large items like jet ski floats and docks are different. In Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Illinois we usually ship on our fleet of deliver trucks with our company drivers. Because we do so much business in these states freight is usually inexpensive; $100 to $200.

Commercial truck line freight is more complicated. Some internet sellers have a click here for freight quote. They add costs to average out the rate, like we do on smaller items. The problem is we might have to add $100-$250 to cover the “spread” for truck freight shipping. There are so many variables in commercial truck freight. You might live in an out of the way location but if the truck line has a terminal nearby, the cost might be reasonable. We believe that if you’re going to spend $1,000+ with us, we want to get you an accurate freight quote. Our customers tell us that we are usually less than other when it comes to freight costs. If we’re higher, you can figure it out and buy accordingly.

Most customers might not mind paying $5 extra for a ladder to subsidize someone else's freight, if the price is still fair. However we don’t think you want to pay $150+ to subsidize someone else's truck freight. Please contact us for an accurate truck freight quote. All we need is your address and zip code. We’ll contact a freight broker and get you the best price, usually within the hour.