Jet Ski Dock or Float Specifications & Pricing
12’ 8” long (accommodates the biggest Jet Ski), 5’ wide for mooring in shallow water or smaller PWC’s.
6’ wide for deeper water or when you want extra walk-around room to install a cover or perform maintenance

Jet Ski Dock 
spring special on jet ski ski dockjet-ski dock spring sale

SLX-5 Jet Ski Dock 4’10” wide, 12’8” long, 1500 lbs. capacity $2100*

SLX-6 Jet Ski Dock 6’ wide, 12’8” long, 2000 lbs. capacity $2199*

* includes Shallow Water Pipe Mooring Kit or Z Bracket FREE

Mooring Options
Installs easily through preformed holes in the float body or chose from three installation kits.

In water under 10’ moored into the lake bottom with pier pipe.
Use almost anywhere, position jet ski float against a pier or seawall and auger pipes into the lake bottom.
FREE Pier Pipe Mooring Kit
with the purchase of a new float.
(a $203 value)

2-Pieces of 8', 10 or 12' long 2" Pier Pipe
2-Plastic Augers (to hold in the lake bottom)
1-Turn Bar (to twist the pipe into the bottom)
1-Set of Raised Bushings (2 in a kit)
jet ski anchor
Position your float in the desired location. Insert the pier pipe with the auger bottom down thru the hole in the
float body and twist it into the lake bottom.
Dock or Sea Wall Mooring Installation Options
Knuckle Kit for Jet Ski Dock

Attach to floating dock or seawall where the attaching depth is less than 18".

The kit attaches through the holes in the float body, a knuckle between the steel plate, and the Float flexes to absorb energy from loading.

Cannot be mounted less than 19 3/4” below the dock. The brackets are 19 3/4” deep. Most docks are less than 18” off the water.

For deeper applications use the Z bracket kit below.

Z Bracket Mounting Kit

Z-brackets kit for jet ski dock
FREE Z Bracket Mounting Kit ( a $159 value)

What you should know about Jet Ski Installation Kits
When shopping for jet ski floats, you must pay attention to the additional cost of installation kits. Because our float body has built in mooring holes you
save on optional “hole” kits. When you purchase a new ski float from us, we discount the price of the installation kit.
compare jet ski dock installation kits jet ski installation kits jet ski dock installation kits
NOT an add on for us.   NOT OURS  NOT OURS 

Options and Accessories
5 ft wide pwc float 6ft wide jet ski dock5’ versus 6’

How will you use your jet ski float? The 6’ wide model has more walk around room.
The extra foot on each side allows you to easily install a cover or service the machine.

5’ models can be a benefit in a slip at a marina. Some marina dock spaces are only
10’ or 12’ wide. Two 6’ wide docks won’t fit.

Please Note: Most of these products are discounted from MSRP as a courtesy to people who purchase our floats.
We ship options and accessories “free” with the order of a new float.

To order individual parts and accessories please check with the vendor who sold you the float.

2” diameter 1/8” Aluminum Pier Pipe 8’-$95, 10’-$110, 12’-$120  Sold as a pair of 2. Includes end cap.
(8' pipe ships Fed Ex. Longer pipe must go truck freight)
pier pipes for jet ski docks
High Impact Plastic Auger $19.90 Sold as pair of 2
Use with our 2” pipe. Bolt included. 
pier pole auger 
2” Raised Reducer Bushing $64 Sold as a pair of 2
Fills the 6” hole in the float body for less movement of the pier pipes.
There are various types of bushing kits but the raised one works best.
Some customers don’t spend the extra $64 for the reducer
bushings but  it makes for a better installation.
raised pier pipe bushing 
  About Pipe Legnth   
For the best installation you’ll want about 3’-4” of pier pipe augured into the lake bottom. In cased where the water depth fluctuates you’ll want enough
pipe above the float to accommodate water level changes. On inland lakes without water fluctuation the personal preference is for shorter pipes, out of the way or longer pipes, to grab onto will dictate pipe length.

Rough Water Installation Kit. - Use two sets of pier pipe, auger, and raised bushing kits.
Most installations require just two pier pipes, usually in the front, to anchor your SLX. However in some rough water conditions an additional set of pipes, in
the back is helpful.

Snap-In Caps $59 sold as a pair of 2
SLX’s have four 6” mooring holes. You’ll usually use two for mooring. Snap-in caps fill the unused holes. It’s a aesthetic touch but also protects against stepping in the hole.  
snap in caps for jet ski dock pier pipes 
Knuckle Attaching Kit $249
Attach to floating dock or seawall where the attaching depth is less than 18"

knuckle kit for jet ski dock 
The kit attaches through the holes in the float body a knuckle between the steel plate and the SLX flexes to absorb energy from loading.
Cannot be mounted less than 19 3/4” below the dock. The brackets are 19 3/4” deep. Most docks are less than 18” off the water.
For deeper applications use the Z bracket kit.  

Z Bracket Mounting Kit $159
2-Z Brackets with U bolts and hardware
Fasten to dock or Sea Wall.
Select pier pipe and raised bushing kit.
Z-Bracket Mounting Kit
This is an installation on a channel. This would normally be a pier pipe into the lake bottom installation. But the installers couldn’t find a bottom to auger the pier pipe into. Instead of pipe they used the Z bracket kit against the sea wall. We normally ask how deep the water is to help you chose the length of pier pipe but sometimes in mucky or deep water, pier pipe won’t work.  
mounting jet ski dock to pier mounting jet ski dock
This is a common salt water dock in Florida. It’s a floating drum style. The top of the dock is about 18”-24” off the water. The Z type mounting kit works
best on this type of dock because the wood that you attach the bracket to is high off the water.

Water Craft to Floating Dock $249

Mounts through preformed holes in the watercraft float body. The unique brackets slide into the H-Beam Channel on the watercraft dock.
Dock and float rise and lower in unison. 
SLX to wave armor floating dock

Port to Port Attachment Kit $189
Attach two floats together. It’s sometimes easier to position Floats side by side rather than connected. Connecting requires access to the bottom. For winter storage it is more difficult to remove 600 lbs. of floats rather than two 300 lb. floats. You usually only need one mooring kit (on the left and right float).   
port to port jet ski adapter kit

Stand Alone Front Post Extension Kit $209
Extends the width of the port by 34”. For installations when pipe is used in back. Extensions widen the loading area. When the Float is used for small boats you may need the kit front and back. (2 per kit)
post extension kit

Friction Disc’s NO Charge
One of our benefits is that our wheels roll easily. Your PWC's launch and retrieve effortlessly. But there may be instances where they roll too easily. When this happens the simple plastic disc adds a bit of friction to retard the roller. These are supplied free to our customers who purchased a float with us and request them.   
friction disk

The bow stop is included on our jet ski float. The front is contoured to fit the bow of most PWCs. It prevents you from loading too far forward, hitting the dock. A D-ring is on the back for use in securing your PWC in rough water (you supply a rope or strap). XX” tall, XX” wide firmly bolted to the float body. 
jet ski bow stop