Installation of a Floating Jet Ski Dock
You should give some consideration as to how you will moor or install your jet ski float in the lake. The simplest and least expensive method is to simply place it near a dock or seawall and secure it into the lake bottom with pier pipe. Some competing brands require you to connect it to a dock and that’s what you’ll have to do in deep water, but in shallow water, a couple of pieces of pier pipe and augers will do the job. Install the pipe through holes in the float body, within a few inches of the dock or sea wall, Drive-On Step-Off. This method works great in water depths up to about 6’.

Deep water installations. In water over about 6’ you will need an attaching kit. Our jet ski floats can be attached to most sea walls, fixed or floating docks. Our kits are less expensive than many, but still run a couple hundred dollars. 
Installing a jet ski dock

If you’re installing your jet ski dock yourself you’ll want to consider the size. Our jet ski dock weights about 300 pounds and is 12’ long. It’s the size you’ll need for modern watercraft, but if you’re installing one yourself you’ll need some help getting it to the water.
pier pipe installation 

Our jet ski dock has four 6" holes in the corners of the float body. Most installations only use the two holes in the front, but in rough water installations all four holes can be used.
install jet ski dock

Position the jet ski float close to a dock or seawall and turn the pier pipe into the lake bottom using the turn bar.
turn bar pier pipe installation

For a secure “fit” use the optional adapter to reduce the size of the hole.
Shallow Water Installation Kit Pricing
Pier Pipe Mooring Kit   2-Pieces of galvanized pipe. Galvanized is stronger than aluminum.
                        2-High impact plastic augers to dig into the lake bottom.
                       2-Plastic Caps to cover the holes in the top of the pipe.
                       1-Turn Bar to screw the pier pipe into the lake bottom.

2" diameter 1/8" Aluminum 8’ Pipe Mooring Kit $95  - 10’ Pipe Mooring Kit $110 - 12’ Pipe Mooring Kit $120
Select the length of pier pipe for your water depth. You should have 3’-4’ into the lake bottom.

Sold as a pair of 2. Includes end cap.
(8' pipe ships Fed Ex. Longer pipe must go truck freight)

PLEASE NOTE: These are discounted prices for kits sold with our jet ski docks. WWe do NOT sell kits separately.

Bushing Reducer Kit: $64 - sold as a pait of 2
Reduces the size of the 6” hole for a more secure installatio . /td>
The common installation uses two pier pipes in the front of the jet ski dock. If you’re on a river with a swift current or a rough body of water, two additional pier pipes in the back provide a more secure installation. 
Jet Ski float attached to a seawall  Jet Ski Dock attached to a pier 
Two jet ski floats moored with 4 pieces of pipe
on a canal in Florida. 
Two jet ski docks moored with 2 pieces of pipe
on an inland lake in Michigan. 
IInstallation to a Dock or Sea Wall
connect ski jet float to dock
Our floating jet ski dock can be attached to most types of floating or stationary dock or seawall.

Z Bracket and U Bolt Kit. Attaches to almost anything.
Bolt to docks or seawalls. Jet ski float rides up and down on pier pipe.

2-Z Brackets with U bolts and hardware
Fasten to dock or Sea Wall.
Select pier pipe and raised bushing kit.

Complete Kit: $159.
side by side jet ski docks

Shown with PVC decorative cover over pier pipe
Mooring Jet Ski Docks Side by Side
Two or more jet ski’s are twice as much fun and easy to moor side by side. The simplest method is to buy an extra set of pier pipes and moor the jet ski docks independently next to each other. Put them close together so you can step from one to another. This is the simplest and least expensive method. If you remove your floats from the water in the winter, you (or your installer) will appreciate the ease of removal. Instead of two 300 lb. floats connected together, you just pull the pier pipes and take them out separately.
jet ski floats installed side by side 
8' Pipe Mooring Kit - $95    Raised Bushing Kit - $64 (one kit of 2 per float) 
side to side jet dock floats
Some jet ski float manufacturers suggest connecting multiple floats to gain greater floatation. With our floats you don’t need additional floatation. Connecting them may make the floats sit higher in the water. But the port to port attachment kit is a simple way to connect multiple ports together.
Port to Port Attachment Kit - $189
Set of two, attached front and back in the 6” mooring holes.
One of the big benefits of our floating jet port dock is that you don’t need to connect it to anything. 

The installation below is on a river with water that fluctuates, the ramp handles any whages in water depth.

Jet Skis on river

If you’ve got $50,000 worth of PWC’s, you might want a really cool docking system.
  Here are three SLX’s attached to two 10’ dock sections joined together. The ramp is a 5’ dock section with a 7’ hinged ramp.