Why a Jet Ski Floating Dock
Jet SkisYou’ve bought a jet ski, now you have a decision to make. You can let it float in the water, subject to wave action, algae, barnacles, zebra mussels, etc. Or you can get it out of the water. Most people think of a hoist. Chances are your other boats are on hoists. You drive on and crank the hoist up lifting the boat out of the water. But it’s really not that simple. The hoist is cranked down with the bunks that support the PWC in the water. You drive on, then get off or holler for someone to crank you up. Depending on how the hoist is positioned against or near a pier, you may have to get into the water or walk an “obstacle course”, stepping from the PWC onto the hoist then onto the dock. The cranking up seems to be more of a problem than it should be. Only a couple of turns will raise the PWC out of the water and although it may not float off the hoist, it’s NOT out of the water. To get it all the way out of the water you have to really crank it up, all the way. In many instances that seems to be a problem and when you notice algae on the bottom of your machine you’ll realize that some people hate to crank.
jet ski hoistYou Don’t Have to Crank Cranking a hoist doesn’t seem like too big a deal. But, how do you explain that the first option people buy for their boat hoists is a drive unit so they don’t have to crank. A hoist power drive can be expensive and you often have the cost of running a power line to the water. If you’re around docks where PWC hoists are used, you’ll frequently hear the rider shout crank me up. The rider drives onto the hoist and hollers for someone to crank them up. Hoist manufacturers recognize that people don’t like to crank and progressive manufacturers replace the old style hand winch with a wheel, but hand crank or wheel, it seems some people just hate the extra effort.
hoist options for jet ski
Easier Installation Most jet ski hoists have adjustable legs to help fit uneven bottoms. These can sometimes be difficult to get adjusted on mucky or uneven lake bottoms. Our jet ski dock mounts with pier pipes and floats above any difficulties on the lake bottom.
jet ski float installation
jet ski hoist being removed from the water
Easy to Store
Our jet ski floats weight about 300 lb. and a couple strong men should be able to handle either. With a jet ski float you push it to the edge of the seawall and after lifting the front, the you should be able to lift the front and slide the float right up on the shore.

A 300 lb. jet ski float is probably easier to handle than a 250 lb. aluminum hoist. As you can see in the picture to the right, lighter does not mean it's better.