It’s easy to identify flaws in some brands of Jet Ski Floats. Some have small rollers or only a few rollers.
Or some brands the watercraft slides and scrapes on the plastic. On these pages we’ve identified
a couple of well known brands with issues identified and how we compare.
We know we’ve got the best float and in most cases the best price.
OUR SLX Jet Ski Float
SLX Jet Ski float
Modern water vehicles are about 4’ (48” wide) and range in length from 10’ to 12’.
Our 6’ SLX allows about a foot of walk around space on each side with a big machine on the float.
At 12’8” long the SLX accommodates the largest machines.

Below are images of jet ski floats we found on the internet. Search images of jet ski docks. You can compare yourself. 
jet ski dock pwc float pwc floating dock personal watercraft float
jet ski floating dock floating jet ski dock floating pwc float jetski dock
personal watercraft float jet ski dock pwc float jetski dock
We hope that we’ve provided you with information that will enable you to recognize the differences between competing brands.
When you consider our features and benefits, we hope that you’ll buy OURS.