What you Should Know About a Jet Ski Dock or Float
Ease of Loading The most important thing about a jet ski dock or float is the ease of loading. If the “bump” driving onto the entrance of the float is too jarring it will make getting onto the float difficult and even frighten some riders. If you aren’t able to get all the way on and have to “gun it”, some riders will be reluctant to use it. You want a jet ski dock that all riders will be able to use.
jet ski dock rollersjet ski floating dock entrance

Our entrance V is below the water line. Your PWC never touches the plastic float body. It’s guided on by rollers. There is no big bump when going onto the dock.
pwc jet ski dock rollersjet ski dock roller

Soft polyurethane rollers contact the PWC while it’s still floating. Your PWC never comes in contact with the plastic float body. Our jet ski float never scratches the hull of your water vehicle.
easy launch jet ski dock

Ease of Launching The second most important things about a jet ski dock or float is the ease of which you can push your watercraft off the float, into the water. If your wife or teenage daughter need help launching, it will become a problem. Our jet ski floats have eight 6” rollers with 32 pockets for adjustments. With so many pockets for adjustment, there isn’t a machine we can’t fit perfectly. The biggest heaviest machines roll off with ease. 
Ease of Installing The difficulty installing your float and the cost of optional attachments is a consideration. Optional installation kits or floats that require marine industry professional to install or remove can add to the cost of your jet ski dock. 
jet ski floating dock bow stopmoring holes in pwc float

Our jet ski docks have pre-formed mooring holes in the front and back of the float body. In most applications the dock can be installed with pier pipes into the bottom of the lake through these holes. All you’ll need are couple of pieces of pipe, auger bottoms, and perhaps an optional $64 reducer kit.
Some competing brands offer a video for assembly. There really is no assembly with our jet ski float. Cutting the protective plastic wrapper might be the hardest thing you do. Although you will need to install the bow stop with four bolts. Other than cutting the protective plastic wrapping and installing four bolts for the bow stop, your SLX jet ski float is ready to install and use the day it arrives. 
foam filled pwc float
 A Long Lasting Investment EIGHT YEAR WARRANTY
Our jet ski float is backed with a great warranty. For your piece of mind, it’s foam filled. Some lake critter gnawed on the float in the picture to the right. The customer didn’t realize it until he took it out of the lake for winter storage. With other brands, you’ll find your jet ski dock at the bottom of the lake and your PWC floating somewhere.