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We believe we are the largest seller of jet ski docks in the USA. We don’t make this statement to brag but to help explain that we know jet ski docks. We’ve been selling them for years and know just about everything that can go wrong with poorly designed or cheaply built products. Our current jet ski floats are a third generation product. Long “football” rollers have been replaced with smaller surgical rubber rollers that turn more easily and put less pressure on the hull of your water craft. Float bodies have adjustment pockets that allow you to fit the hull of any machine. When we’re asked if it will fit?, our answer is it “can’t” not fit. You can move the rollers all over the face of the float. Built in mooring holes have replaced expensive optional installation kits, reducing the overall cost. The entrance to our float is beneath the waterline to reduce the bump that you experience on competitive floats.

We’ve provided you with a lot of information to help you understand how our jet ski float is different. Jet ski docks have received some bad publicity because of competitive brands that are hard to get on and off of. Some brands jar you when you drive on. Women or small riders are sometimes afraid to use them. Some floats are too narrow to walk around. When the PWC is on the float you can’t install a cover or work on the machine. We’ve heard people say that a jet ski dock has actually damaged the bottom of their PWC. When you compare brands you’ll see how exposed plastic could easily scrape a hull. On our jet ski dock, rollers keep your PWC hull above the plastic frame so your PWC never touches the float body.

If you want to visit and check out our product, stop by at:
Jet Ski Floats by JetSkifloats Elkhart Indiana
21315 Buckingham Rd Elkhart, Indiana 46516
E mail - sales@waterfrontdockproducts.com
Everything is on display. We have people that can intelligently answer questions and we have sufficient inventory that you can
take one (or more) home with you.
jet ski floating docks
We ship from our stock in our warehouse. We package your order and put it on the truck, if there’s a problem, it’s OUR problem, not some third party. One phone call to us handles any transportation or delivery difficulties. We don’t take your order and send it to someone else to package and ship.